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Work 05 - Hong Kong Red Cross Rebranding

Brand Identity, Graphic Design, UX/UI Design ___ This is a rebranding project that helps Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service put more focus on public marketing with a trendy, less repulsive integrated design system, in order to reserve people's traditional perception towards blood donation and the risk associated with it.
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Work 6 - Word As Image (Milk)

Graphic Design ___ We know that a word might have multiple meanings. I would like to choose a word that possesses both good and bad meaning, and appears often in our life. Designing a graphic image that showcase both cheerful and evil meaning of the word.
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Work 7 - Glyph Poster

Graphic Design ___ In this project, we have to select a glyph, one letterform, to serve as a base for an exploration of that form into the array of shapes that can be extruded beyond the original forms. We have to seek dynamic form/counterform relationships, exploring the single typographic character as a multifaceted window into shape and rhythm, and create a vector glyph poster showcasing the design.
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Work 8 - Typographic Booklet

Graphic Design ___ In this project, we are going to design a book that majorly relies on typographic elements, and build the booklet from scratch. We will able to display the book's context in a best-composite, reader-friendly, and aesthetic arrangement.
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